Configure Sector Script

This is a work in progress, based upon Sample Configuration from ETiger-S3 sector router.

Item Value Description
Sector ID Name of the Sector. This must begin with your callsign, and should be followed with a unique identifier identifying the Sector. This may use either upper or lower case letters. For example, K7WAN/ETiger-S3.
Frequency Frequency in MHz. For example, 5880.
VRRP IP Address Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol IP Address. By convention, the VRRP address is assigned as the highest free address in the site router address pool. For example,
Ethernet IP Address Ethernet IP Address and Subnet Mask. For example,
WLAN IP Address Wireless LAN IP Address and Subnet Mask. For example,
DHCP IP Address Pool DHCP IP Address Pool. For example,
NTP Server Addresses NTP Server Addresses. For example,,
DNS Server Addresses DNS Server Addresses. For example,,
syslog IP Address syslog Server IP Address. For example,
Network IP Address Oregon HamWAN Network IP Address and Subnet Mask. For example,

Miktotik Command to Install this Script

/tool fetch url="" mode=http\
      http-method=post http-data="kz7zzz-01&lat=45.523064&lon=-122.676483"

Mikrotik Command to Execute this Script

To execute this script, use one of the following two commands. The first command resets the device prior to running the script. Note that this will terminate your connection, and you will not be able to reconnect to the device until the script has completed. The second command allows you to watch as the script is executed.

/system reset-configuration no-defaults=yes run-after-reset=sector.rsc
/import verbose=yes file=sector.rsc

Next Steps

After running the script to configure your Sector, and before connecting to the HamWAN network, you should create a new user ID with a strong password, verify that you can login using this new user ID and password, and then remove the admin user ID:

/user add group=full name=yourUserID password=••••••••••••••
/user remove [find name=admin]